Transmission & PTO parts

Below you can select from our range of Transmission & PTO parts.

This includes the following items; clutch parts, dual power parts, gaskets, gearbox parts, PTO parts

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ItemTractor SeriesPrice
10 series/ 30 series dual power valve assembly ( synchromesh ), £253.47
10‰Ûªs dual power paCk (non synChromesh)£649.18
10‰Ûªs dual power valve assembly (non synChromesh)£233.98
11" 2/3000 15 Splined Organic Disc & Spring£31.85
11" 4/4600 11" Disc 10 SPD & Spring£48.09
11" Single Cover Major/Super Major£107.24
11" Super Major Drive Disc 10 Spline£45.50
12" Super Major Drive Disc£46.18
2/3/4000 11" 15 Spined & Springs Early£48.75
2/3000 Release Bearing Carrier£15.98
2000 Bearing Release Carrier£12.48
3/36/3610 p.t.o fork shifter£23.45
3/36/3610 p.t.o lever£19.89
3/36/3610pto lever arm£20.68
4/4600 HYD. Pump Gasket£1.30
4/4610 pto shaft£81.24
40 series / 7810/ 8210 2 spd shiftable pto shaft (540rpm), £58.49
40 series pto shaft, £61.40
4000 11" Cover ASS£188.51
4000/4600 11" clutch kit non duel power, £188.51
4600 13" Cover ASS 29 tooth Hub£162.49
5/6600 Gearbox Lid Gasket£2.60
5/7000 single speed 11" old type shaft£58.49
5/7600 2 speed shaft (1000 rpm)£78.00
5/7600 2 speed shaft (540 rpm)£63.89
5/7600 Sump Set£13.65
5/7610 single speed 12" new type shaft£55.25
5000 hyd. pump gasket£1.04
5000's hyd pump to IPtO pack pipe£2.13
5000's pto brake pad£8.97
5000/6000 non Dual Power Spigot Shaft Bearing£4.88
5000/6600 12" clutch kit duel power, £160.94
5000/6600 12" clutch kit non duel power, £149.49
5000/6600 Dual Power Spigot Shaft Bearing£1.88
5610/6610/6710/7710 Head Set C/O Payen Head Gasket£43.54
5610/6610/7610 Head Set With Elring Head Gasket£58.49
5610/6610/7610 Head Set With Genuine Head Gasket£44.14
5610/6610/7610 Head Set With Payen Head Gasket£28.60
5610/7610 & tw series shaft (1000rpm) 21 spine, £76.69
5610/7610 & tw series shaft (1000rpm) 6 spine, £73.47
5610/7610 & tw series shaft (540rpm), £64.86
6 Cylinder Head set£41.66
66/7600 13" DP 10 Spined Disc£61.10
66/7600 Head Gasket (Genuine)£36.53
66/7600 HYD. Pump Gasket£0.97
66/7600/7610 Head Gasket (Payen)£11.64
6610 Carrier Release Bearing 80MM£24.96
7000/7610 dual power non synChromesh input housing, £541.54
7600/7610 13" clutch kit duel power£182.89
7600/7610 13" clutch kit duel power BORG AND BECK£193.48
7600/761013" clutch kit non dual power£201.50
7610 hyd. pump gasket£1.63
7810/ 8210/ tW (All Models) Head Set£54.83
7810/8210 13" 10 Spline 7 Paddle Disc Dual Power£165.73
7810/8210 13" 10 Spline Non Sprung Disc Dual Power£69.54
7810/8210 13" 10 Spline Sprung Disc Dual Power£0.00
7810/8210 13" 25 Spline Sprung Dual Power£106.33
7810/8210 13" clutch clutch kit dual power£360.85
7840 flywheel hub£338.28
7840 shaft with dual power£227.50
7840 shaft without dual power£312.50
7840 Sump Set Replacement£29.25
7840/8340 Head Gasket All tm Models£59.80
brake arm for pto pack Ford ts,tm,40s,s-7000, £0.00
Brand New Ford 13" Cover ASSY£122.52
cable throttle fors 35 tl l's£27.24
Clutch Assembly Fordson Major£454.98
Clutch Damper Plate 40's/tS (Kawe)£127.20
Clutch Damper Plate 40'S/tS (LUK)£148.84
ClutCh kit fiat m115 & m100 / dt / f‰Ûªs 13‰Û£487.49
Clutch Kit Ford 7840 13" Disc & Cover Assy Only£233.99
Clutch Master Cylinder Ford 40/tS£81.24
Country/Muirhill 14" 25 Splined Sprung Disc Non Dual Power£165.74
County/muirhill 14" 25 Spined Sprung Disc Dual Power£254.40
Cover Gasket for ford 100`s with dual power£13.00
dexta pto seal£7.02
Dexta Single Clutch Spigot Shaft Seal£8.45
dowel for flywheel for Ford tm£5.98
dual power bronze disc (4 per set)£6.37
dual power bronze disc 3 per set 6610 /7610£7.15
dual power disc friction 6600/7600£25.10
dual power steel disc (3 per set)£8.00
dual power steel disc 6600/7600 (4 per set)£3.39
dual power valve assembly gasket£5.13
duel power floor switCh tw£79.85
duel power floor switCh tw£58.52
Elbow Gasket£1.10
Exhaust Gasket Ford 7840 ( will fit more )£4.96
f130/140/60/m/tm's clutch realease bearing tM115-tm140, £142.98
fLt Clutch Release Bearing£12.93
Ford 10 ‰Û÷s d/p switCh (1983 - )£40.95
Ford 10/40's dual power hub£186.63
Ford 10‰Ûªs dual power pipe£35.49
Ford 12" Dual Power 10 Spined£33.15
Ford 13" 15 SPD Organic Disc£39.00
Ford 15 spl. pto shaft & hub kit£107.58
Ford 2/3000 Pressure Plate + 1878C£353.61
Ford 2/3000 Release Bearing£13.65
Ford 20 spl. Pto shaft (long) & hub kit£124.07
Ford 20 spl. Pto shaft (syncro) & hub kit£128.64
Ford 2000-6600 pto guard, £32.50
Ford 2610/3610 1/2 axle housing gasket£13.14
Ford 3610/4110/46/4610 head set C/o genuine head gasket£54.60
Ford 4/4600 13' 10 SPD (ORG)£78.12
Ford 4/4610 pto seal£3.83
Ford 40 pto control module£2.34
Ford 40 tS 90-115 cover 4wd clutch housingstart year 92, £157.48
Ford 40's 4 CYL Rocker Cover Gasket£35.65
Ford 40's pto switch£46.35
Ford 4000 pto brake finger£13.00
Ford 4000 sump set£12.68
Ford 4000/4600 pto support, £208.00
Ford 5/6600 12" Cover ASS£107.24
Ford 5/6600 NPD 12" 25 SPL Clutch Disc£31.72
Ford 5640-7740 Head Set£20.80
Ford 5640-8340ts90-115 pto cable start year 91, £51.35
Ford 6 CYL. Rocket Cover Gasket (Steel)£56.55
Ford 6 Cylinder R/C Gasket£3.19
Ford 7840 13" Cover Assembly£164.46
Ford 7840 13" Disc 10 SPL£110.49
Ford 7840 Clutch Release Bearing£188.49
Ford 7840/8340 Head Set£91.65
Ford 7840/8340 Sump Set£134.87
Ford 8210 13" Cover Ass£133.90
Ford 8630/8830 tW15-35 Clutch Release Bearing£51.93
Ford County 14" Clutch Unit£201.59
Ford Dexta 9" Main Disc£52.00
Ford Exhaust Manifold Gasket (New type) 3 & 6 Cylinder£11.05
Ford long pto (20 spine)£94.25
Ford major timing cover gasket£1.49
Ford old type pto shaft hub (15 spine)£27.30
Ford pto shaft ‰ÛÏo‰Û ring£4.74
Ford tl tm ts tsa potentiometer£64.93
Ford tm120-155 pto switch£66.10
Ford ts pto switch£42.83
Ford tW/8210 Clutch Release Bearing Carrier (1985), £85.30
Ford tw10/20 pto shaft hub (22 spine)£65.00
Fords 40's/ts clutch cable£33.80
Fords 40's/ts clutch return spring£11.31
Fords 4630/4830/5030/3430/3930 clutch cable£139.74
Fordson 2n/8n/9n governor housing gasket£0.39
Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil£0.15
Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil pan drain plug gasket£0.43
Fordson 8n/9n manifold gasket£1.95
Fordson 8n/9n valve cover gasket£0.73
Fordson 8n/9n valve cover gasket (metal)£11.14
Fordson Major Clutch Release Bearing - 70MM£30.13
Fordson maJor head set£25.94
Fordson n's pto shaft cover naa 1953£5.20
Fordson N's timing gear cover side gasket 2n/8n/9n£0.21
Fordson n‰Ûªs Carboretor to manifold gasket 2n/8n/9n/naa/600/700£0.42
Fordson n‰Ûªs Carburettor gasket kit£29.86
Fordson n‰Ûªs oil pump Cover inlet gasket 600/700/800/900£0.33
FordtL tLA tM tN PtO speed sensor also fits a fiat f series£32.41
fors 35's's/l's/tl/s clutch cable£28.60
friction disc Ford 40/ts's dual steel, £12.02
frod corrosion inhibitor (500ml)£25.63
front large dual power piston ring£7.74
genuine 4/4600 head gasket£51.35
genuine 4/4600 head gasket£18.57
genuine modified 5/7000 2 speed pto seal£33.47
hand brake cable/ super major lh 685mm£25.35
hand brake cable/ super major rh 685mm£25.36
Head Gasket£11.74
Head Gasket Ford 66/7600/7610 Elring£20.32
Head Gasket Ford tW/7810/7910/8210£24.75
Hydraulic Pump Gasket£0.72
hylosil gasket maker£6.50
independent pto brake finger 5000/ 7600/7610, , £5.29
Inner timing Cover Gasket£1.95
input housing Ford 7610/8210 d/p synC.£429.63
input shaft seal£23.33
input shaft to dual power£52.02
Intake Gasket (Round Hole)£2.16
Intake Gasket (Square Hole)£1.77
ipto spring£5.85
jointing compound£10.71
Koyo Clutch Release Bearing£27.30
large dual power sintered disC (1 per set)£32.50
large dual power steel plate (1 per set)£19.50
Lever Kit Fordson/Fordson Super Major£27.58
Lift Cover Gasket£8.87
Lift Cover Gasket£12.93
Lift Cover Gasket 4000£1.19
major sump set£13.00
major/super major p.t.o oil seal£5.85
Master Cylinder Seal Kit Ford 40's/tS (Clutch)£33.10
o' ring£0.35
old type long pto shaft (15 spine)£87.79
payen Ford 4000 head gasket£20.80
piston ring (large)£4.10
piston ring Ford 40/ts/tm/tl's small dp£15.44
piston seal (inner)£7.68
Potentiometer Ford 40's Clutch & Hydraulics£55.90
power maJor head gasket£20.33
power major rear crankshaft seal£5.04
pto cable bracket Ford tm, 60's£5.85
pto guard dexta£23.33
pto seal (single speed)£2.61
pto shaft cover dexta£69.65
pto shaft for dexta£40.95
pto shaft hub (20 spine)£27.30
pto support bolt Ford 5/66/6610£1.97
Rear Crankshaft Seal Gasket£1.04
rear large dual power piston ring£6.43
Rocker Cover Gasket£2.54
roCker Cover gasket (dextra - 3000)£2.21
Round Intake Manifold Gasket£1.36
seal kit Ford dual power£205.80
Square Intake Manifold Gasket£2.06
Sump Gasket£4.88
sump gasket£3.25
Sump Set Ford 5640-7740£35.10
Super Dexta Dual Clutch Unit CO Disc£461.48
super major elbow gasket£0.97
super major frount cover gasket£1.30
super maJor sump gasket£3.58
super timing cover seal£2.60
syncho-mesh gear box pto (steering column gear change)(20 spine)£84.49
thermostat Gasket£0.34
thrust washer£18.20
timing Cover Gasket£3.77
tm125 classic 14" clutch kit£444.74
transmission gear Ford 40 ts & ring£123.50
transmission seal (teflon ring)£79.35
trumpet Housing Gasket£1.47
tW 15/20 HYD Lift Cover Gasket£9.98
tW 15/20 Pump Housing Gasket£9.52
tw long pto shaft£468.62
tW Sump Gasket£12.38
tW/7810/7910/8210 Head Gasket£121.89
tW/78107910/8210 30's Sump Set£35.74
tW15/20/25/30/35 10 SPL Main Disc£184.59
tW15/20/25/30/35 Cover Assembly & SC£256.07