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This includes the following items: Exhausts, gaskets, cooling parts, engine parts

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ItemTractor SeriesPriceDetails
1 1/2' X 19' flexible Hose£6.50More Information
1 1/2" (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£9.27More Information
1 1/4' X 17' flexible Hose£6.16More Information
1 1/4" (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£7.80More Information
1 3/4" (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£11.38More Information
1 3/4" X 3£27.95More Information
1" (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£6.50More Information
1" X 3ft long straight hose£10.40More Information
10's Rear oil Seal Retainer Plate (No.3)£95.82More Information
10's Super Q Long trottle cable 1408 MM£51.35More Information
1000 Series engine oil Dipstick£4.30More Information
2 1/2" (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£14.95More Information
2 1/4 (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£13.65More Information
2 3/4" X 3£11.98More Information
2' X 23' flexible Hose£13.65More Information
2" (8" X 16") 90* Bend Hose£10.40More Information
2/3/36/5 fanblade ( plastic 8 blade )£13.65More Information
2/3/4/5000£4.74More Information
2/3/4/5000 black Enamel Exhaust£8.45More Information
2/3/4/5000 Oil Pump£45.50More Information
2/3/4/5000 Single Water Pump£40.95More Information
2/3/4/66/7610 top Rad Hose£4.49More Information
2/3/4000 Radiator£149.27More Information
2/3/45/6/7600 Speedo Cable 1200 MM£5.20More Information
2/3/5/66/7610 Bottom Rad Hose£6.18More Information
2600/7600/600 Series Dipstick£22.11More Information
2N/8N/9N Exhaust Manifold (Gasket = 48809)£75.85More Information
3 & 4 Cylinder Head Stud Kit£313.28More Information
3 CYL/6 CYL Manifold Gasket£8.61More Information
3 Cylinder Exaust Manifold Gasket£1.76More Information
3 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket Steel£29.25More Information
3 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket Steel (2 for 6 CYL Engines)£1.49More Information
3/4000 Exhaust Manifold£35.74More Information
36/6600 Single Pulley£4.88More Information
38 - 58MM£0.31More Information
4 Cylinder Engine Block Plug£1.13More Information
4 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold Gasket£1.30More Information
4/4600 HYD. Pump Gasket£1.30More Information
4/5/6600 Standard Ring£27.10More Information
40 Series fan Belt - W Air Con£23.20More Information
40's 4 + 6 CYL Bottom Rad Hose£8.97More Information
40's Water pump (front Stud)£136.51More Information
40's Water Pump (Side Stud)£169.00More Information
40's Water Pump Gasket£1.37More Information
40's Water Pump Gasket£3.58More Information
40's/tS110/115 fan Belt With Air Conditioning, £0.00More Information
40's/tS110/115 fanbelt Less Air Conditioning, £12.93More Information
40/60/m/tm/ts's wtaer pumpback housing, , £63.70More Information
4000 Bottom Rad Hose£7.06More Information
4000 top Rad Hose£6.76More Information
44 - 64MM£0.46More Information
46/4610 Exhaust Manifold£38.35More Information
4600 Black Heat Resistant Swanneck Exhaust£58.70More Information
4600/4610 3 Cylinder Block G£1,332.51More Information
4600/6600 Exhaust Elbow£31.85More Information
4610 Engine£0.00More Information
5/6600 Gearbox Lid Gasket£2.60More Information
5/7000 Dipstick£6.03More Information
5/7600 Sump Set£13.65More Information
5000 Exhaust Manifold£47.38More Information
5000 hyd. pump gasket£1.04More Information
5000thermostat Housing (Gasket = 3863)£7.15More Information
51 - 72MM£0.49More Information
56-7740 foot trottle Cable£43.08More Information
5610/6610 Spacer for 1922 Water Pump Replace Viscous£60.45More Information
5610/6610/6710/7710 Head Set C/O Payen Head Gasket£43.54More Information
5610/6610/7610 Head Set With Elring Head Gasket£58.49More Information
5610/6610/7610 Head Set With Genuine Head Gasket£44.14More Information
5610/6610/7610 Head Set With Payen Head Gasket£28.60More Information
5640/6640 Exhaust Box£123.50More Information
5640/6640/7740 tS 80/90/100/110/115 4 CYL - top Rad Hose, £4.88More Information
57 - 76MM£0.48More Information
6 CYL Add On£83.01More Information
6 Cylinder Head set£41.66More Information
66/6610 Exhaust Manifold£38.35More Information
66/7000/7710 Dipstick£32.54More Information
66/76 Alternator Belt (D.Pulley)£3.49More Information
66/7600 Double Pulley Water Pump£55.25More Information
66/7600 Head Gasket (Genuine)£36.53More Information
66/7600 HYD. Pump Gasket£0.97More Information
66/7600/7610 Head Gasket (Payen)£11.64More Information
66/7610 Exhaust Elbow (flat face)£197.42More Information
66/7610 Exhaust Elbow (tapered face)£66.95More Information
6600 Black Painted Exhaust£41.17More Information
6600 Genuine Exhaust£97.74More Information
6600 Piston & Ring Assy. (Singles)£80.60More Information
6600 Swan Neck Exhaust£0.00More Information
6600/7610 4 Cylinder Block (Bare Block), £0.00More Information
6610 Engine£6,248.67More Information
6610 Piston & Rimg Assy. (Singles)£89.67More Information
6610 Short Engine£3,237.13More Information
6810/7810 Bottom Hose 2 Per tractor£4.88More Information
7/7600 Black heat Resistant Exhaust£57.50More Information
7/7600 Oil Pump£70.84More Information
7000 Piston Kit (4 Per Kit)£110.49More Information
74" thermostat£4.68More Information
76/7610 Double Pulley Main Belt£4.49More Information
76/7610/7810 Alt.Belt£2.60More Information
7600 Doub. PUL M. Belt£4.49More Information
7600 fanblade£22.42More Information
7600 Ring Kit£68.25More Information
7600 Spacer for 1922 Water Pump to Replace Viscous£31.19More Information
7610 (Early)£44.34More Information
7610 (Late)£33.80More Information
7610 Bottom Rad Hose£5.13More Information
7610 Engine£7,302.66More Information
7610 Hose Kit£8.45More Information
7610 hyd. pump gasket£1.63More Information
7610 Radiator Cowl£0.00More Information
7610 Rear Crankshaft Gasket (No.2)£1.79More Information
7610 Short Block front Pulley Key£2.47More Information
7610 Short Block front Pulley Seal£0.88More Information
7610 Short Block front Pulley Spacer£8.10More Information
7610 Super Q Rea Counter Cable 1104 MM£33.00More Information
7610 trottle Cable (No Circlip Groove)£12.35More Information
7610 turbo Gasket£1.43More Information
7610 Viscose fan£243.73More Information
7610 Water Pump to Suit Viscus fan£84.49More Information
7610/7710 Short Block Assembly (8-87 / 4-92)£3,308.24More Information
7740 Exhaust Box£157.94More Information
7740 turbo (from (91-97)£558.32More Information
78" thermostat£4.70More Information
7810 - Camshaft£686.80More Information
7810 Double Pulley Water Pump£98.80More Information
7810 fan Belt£3.25More Information
7810 top Hose£7.15More Information
7810/ 8210/ tW (All Models) Head Set£54.83More Information
7810/8/8600 Oil Pump£136.49More Information
7840 Exhaust Manifold Long Side£123.50More Information
7840 Exhaust Manifold Short Side£58.49More Information
7840 fan£316.05More Information
7840 Sump Set Replacement£29.25More Information
7840 turb Clamp£43.54More Information
7840/7740 top Exhaust Pipe£50.35More Information
7840/8240/8340 6 CYL top Rad Hose£14.95More Information
7840/8240/8340 turbo£641.29More Information
7840/8340 Head Gasket All tm Models£59.80More Information
8-13MM£0.26More Information
81/82/83/8560 M100-135 t6000£10.20More Information
8160-8560/ M100-M160 tM's Water Pump, £260.00More Information
8160/8260/tM fan Belt£13.29More Information
8210 tW 15/20/25 ALt Belt, £6.03More Information
8210/ tW 10/20/25 Oil Pump, £259.99More Information
8210/tW 15/20/25 Main, £6.16More Information
8340 fan£227.47More Information
8360/8560/M135/M136/tM125-165 Exhaust Pipe£155.99More Information
Air/Con Belt Ford tSA 100-135 & t6000£16.25More Information
Bearing for 2935 Pulley£77.93More Information
Camshaft thrust Washer Plate£9.59More Information
Combine Water Pump£123.50More Information
Control Bush (to Suit All Models)£1.37More Information
Deta/Super Dexta Conrod£24.05More Information
Dexta / Super Dexta Rind Gear£25.44More Information
Dexta Cogged Belt£4.42More Information
Dexta Exhaust Manifold Gasket£1.28More Information
Dexta Radiator£164.69More Information
Dexta Silver Exhaust£24.70More Information
Dexta Water filter Hose£4.88More Information
Dexta/ Super Dexta Air Hose£3.90More Information
Dexta/Super Dexta Conrod Bush£0.88More Information
Dexta/Super Dexta Water Pump£42.25More Information
Early 7000 Piston Kit (4 Per Kit)£111.36More Information
Elbow Gasket£1.10More Information
Enamel Exhaust£52.00More Information
Exhaust Box Ford 5640-6640 year 91-98£102.80More Information
Exhaust Box Ford 7740 tS90-110 from 1997£90.34More Information
Exhaust Box Ford 83-8560/ tM125-160£365.59More Information
Exhaust Clamp 38MM£0.36More Information
Exhaust Clamp 41MM£0.78More Information
Exhaust Clamp 51MM£1.17More Information
Exhaust Clamp 54MM£2.28More Information
Exhaust Clamp 57MM£2.34More Information
Exhaust Clamp 60MM£1.24More Information
Exhaust Clamp 63MM£1.43More Information
Exhaust Clamp 66MM£1.37More Information
Exhaust Clamp 70MM£1.49More Information
Exhaust Clamp 80MM£2.08More Information
Exhaust Clamp 92MM£2.21More Information
Exhaust Clamp H/D 57MM£1.83More Information
Exhaust Elbow to turbo Clamp£31.85More Information
Exhaust Ford Pre force - 1 piece£32.50More Information
Exhaust Ford Pre force - 2 Price£32.50More Information
Exhaust Gasket Ford 7840 ( will fit more )£4.96More Information
Exhaust Screw Ford 7840£1.71More Information
fan Belt Ford tSA 100-135 t6000£13.00More Information
flywheel Bolt Ford (All Models)£0.99More Information
Ford 10's Balancer Unit£285.34More Information
Ford 10's timing Cover Bolt Kit (12-86/)£68.18More Information
Ford 10's turbo£723.02More Information
Ford 10/L/tW's Camshaft Push Rod£5.01More Information
Ford 2610/3610 1/2 axle housing gasket£13.14More Information
Ford 3610/4110/46/4610 head set C/o genuine head gasket£54.60More Information
Ford 4 Cylinder stop Cable 1600mm£4.49More Information
Ford 40 tm ts90-115 water pump gasket, £2.99More Information
Ford 40's 4 CYL Rocker Cover Gasket£35.65More Information
Ford 40's fan Belt tensioner Pulley£37.70More Information
Ford 40's fan Belt tensioner Pulley£0.00More Information
Ford 40's/tS Idler Belt Pulley£42.25More Information
Ford 40's/tS Idler Belt Pulley£28.60More Information
Ford 40's/tS Idler belt Pulley£0.00More Information
Ford 40/tS's fan Belt tensioner, £162.49More Information
Ford 4000 Hose Kit£13.00More Information
Ford 4000 sump set£12.68More Information
Ford 4610/7610 Water filter Kit to Suit New Short Block£166.27More Information
Ford 5000/6600 Hose Kit, £11.05More Information
Ford 5640-7740 Head Set£20.80More Information
Ford 5640/6640/7740/tS80/90/100/110 Oil Pump, £214.09More Information
Ford 6 CYL. Rocket Cover Gasket (Steel)£56.55More Information
Ford 6 Cylinder R/C Gasket£3.19More Information
Ford 6610 Air Breather Hose£7.47More Information
Ford 6610 Con Rod£32.50More Information
Ford 6610 Exhaust Elbow£61.74More Information
Ford 70's/G170-240 Water Pump£258.68More Information
Ford 7710 Exhaust Elbow£71.51More Information
Ford 7840 turbo Kit£1,374.17More Information
Ford 7840/8340 Head Set£91.65More Information
Ford 7840/8340 Non turbo Exhaust£119.78More Information
Ford 7840/8340 Sump Set£134.87More Information
Ford 7840/8340 turbo Exhaust£100.73More Information
ford 82 thermostat£4.68More Information
Ford 8210 Exhaust Elbow£127.21More Information
Ford Dexta Bottom Hose£5.85More Information
Ford Dexta Manifold£22.09More Information
Ford Dexta top Hose£5.85More Information
Ford Exhaust Manifold Gasket (New type) 3 & 6 Cylinder£11.05More Information
Ford Exhaust Manifold Stud to Suit 10/40/60/tM/tS's£1.30More Information
Ford Idler Assembly£234.00More Information
Ford major timing cover gasket£1.49More Information
Ford Oil Pressure Switch (All Models)£3.25More Information
Ford Oil Pump Gasket£0.27More Information
Ford Radiator Cap (7Lb)£3.77More Information
Ford Speedo Extension£2.28More Information
Ford Sump Plug 3/4" - 16 thread£1.43More Information
Ford Sump Plug Washer 3/4" ID£0.19More Information
Ford tM 115-165 Water Pump Cover INC Pulley & Impeller£230.10More Information
Ford tM 115-165 Water Pump Plug£6.20More Information
Ford tM 155-165 Water Pump Gasket£4.10More Information
Ford tM115-90 Sender Unit Pressure Switch Also fits tS90-115 & t, £8.44More Information
Ford Water Pump Seal£3.94More Information
Fords 40's water pump repair kit£80.27More Information
Fordson 2N/8N/9N 180' thermostat£11.80More Information
Fordson 2n/8n/9n governor housing gasket£0.39More Information
Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil£0.15More Information
Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil pan drain plug gasket£0.43More Information
Fordson 2N/8N/9N Water Pump C/o Pully£37.70More Information
Fordson 8n/9n manifold gasket£1.95More Information
Fordson 8n/9n valve cover gasket£0.73More Information
Fordson 8n/9n valve cover gasket (metal)£11.14More Information
Fordson Major EXH.Manifold (Staggered Holes Year 4/57-1964£53.30More Information
Fordson major Exhaust Manifold (In Line Holes)£73.16More Information
Fordson Major flywheel Ring Gear£35.74More Information
Fordson maJor head set£25.94More Information
Fordson Major Water Pump£32.50More Information
Fordson N's timing gear cover side gasket 2n/8n/9n£0.21More Information
Fordson n‰Ûªs Carboretor to manifold gasket 2n/8n/9n/naa/600/700£0.42More Information
Fordson n‰Ûªs Carburettor gasket kit£29.86More Information
Fordson n‰Ûªs oil pump Cover inlet gasket 600/700/800/900£0.33More Information
Fordson Super Major thermostat Housing£12.65More Information
Fordson/Fordson Super Major Radiator Cap£3.77More Information
Fordson/Super Major Inlet Manifold Gasket Set£1.88More Information
Fordson/Super Major Oil Pump Drive Gear£18.30More Information
Fordson/Super Major Oil Pump Shaft£10.25More Information
frod corrosion inhibitor (500ml)£25.63More Information
front Crank Seal Ford Dexta£4.55More Information
genuine 4/4600 head gasket£51.35More Information
genuine 4/4600 head gasket£18.57More Information
Gommet Ford 2/3/3600£0.34More Information
Hand trottle Cable Ford 56-7740 (1790 MM)£43.63More Information
Head Gasket£11.74More Information
Head Gasket Ford 66/7600/7610 Elring£20.32More Information
Head Gasket Ford tW/7810/7910/8210£24.75More Information
Hydraulic Pump Gasket£0.72More Information
hylosil gasket maker£6.50More Information
Idler Gear Hub to Suit new Block 3/4/6/CYL£26.64More Information
Inlet manifold Gasket Dexta/ Super Dexta£0.46More Information
Inlet/Exhaust Valve Spring (All Models)£4.94More Information
Inner timing Cover Gasket£1.95More Information
Intake Gasket (Round Hole)£2.16More Information
Intake Gasket (Square Hole)£1.77More Information
jointing compound£10.71More Information
Lift Cover Gasket£8.87More Information
Lift Cover Gasket£12.93More Information
Lift Cover Gasket 4000£1.19More Information
Liner for Ford Dexta P3-144 Perkins Engine£14.71More Information
Liner Major/Super Mjor finished - Single Groove£14.95More Information
Liner Seal Major/Super Major£1.30More Information
Liner Semi finished 4.2£22.36More Information
Liner Semi finished 4.4£9.75More Information
M100 tM115 tM125 Exhaust Box£282.72More Information
Major Air filter Hose£9.04More Information
Major Bottom Hose£8.13More Information
Major Cylinder Head to Block Seal£0.33More Information
Major Exhaust (Aluminium Spary)£25.99More Information
Major Exhaust Elbow£22.75More Information
Major filler Hose£3.72More Information
Major Liner (100MM) 1957-1961 Single Groove£17.54More Information
Major Liner (100MM) 1957-1965 Bouble Groove£30.88More Information
Major Liner for 41110 Liner£1.56More Information
Major Lower Radiator Hose£7.15More Information
Major Oil Pump Drive£12.52More Information
Major Piston & Pin (100MM) Major 1952-1956£27.82More Information
Major Piston Ring StD (100MM)£18.75More Information
Major Piston Ring Stud£18.20More Information
Major Rad fillter Hose£4.10More Information
major sump set£13.00More Information
Major top Hose£5.07More Information
Major Valve tapper£3.36More Information
Major/Super Major Crankshaft Pulley£63.70More Information
New Ytpw 76 Rear Crankshaft Seal & Gasket Kit£13.00More Information
nut & washer for stop Cable 5000/66/6610£0.33More Information
Nut for Stopper Cable for 4344 & 4112 Cable for 4344 & 4112£0.19More Information
Oil Cap to Suit Dexta/Super Dexta/Fordson/ Fordson Super Major£2.92More Information
Oil feed Pipe Gasket£0.33More Information
Oil filter Cap£3.83More Information
Oil Pump Shaft (All Models)£3.83More Information
Oil Pump Shaft + Gear Assembly£13.00More Information
Old type 76 Rear Crankshaft Seal & Gasket Kit£16.57More Information
payen Ford 4000 head gasket£20.80More Information
Piston for Ford Dexta Perkins P3-144 Engine£20.15More Information
piston Rings for Dextra£10.44More Information
power maJor head gasket£20.33More Information
power major rear crankshaft seal£5.04More Information
Power Major/SuperMajor Piston & Pin (100MM) Major 1952-1956£24.90More Information
Pulley for 7610 Idler Puller Assembly (to Suit 3323)£87.10More Information
Radiator Cap - 10 Lb£3.12More Information
Radiator Cowl Ford 3000 3610£49.39More Information
Radiator Cowl Ford 5000 6600, £40.17More Information
Radiator Cowl Ford tW£31.13More Information
Radiator Cowl Ford tW 35£216.13More Information
Radiator Ford 5000 (4 Row)£158.59More Information
Radiator Ford 76/7610£215.03More Information
Radiator Ford 7810 & Late 7610£308.74More Information
Radiator major Standard & Power£165.74More Information
Radiator Super Dexta Fordson£194.99More Information
Radiator Super Fordson Major£148.61More Information
Radiator tap£2.52More Information
Rear crankshaft Oil Seal ( fit 6610,7610), £5.20More Information
Rear Crankshaft Oil Seal ( ford genuine)£23.26More Information
Rear Crankshaft Seal Gasket£1.04More Information
Ring Gear (All Models)£30.55More Information
Rocker Cover Gasket£2.54More Information
roCker Cover gasket (dextra - 3000)£2.21More Information
Round Intake Manifold Gasket£1.36More Information
Seal for Injection Pump -Major£6.50More Information
Square Intake Manifold Gasket£2.06More Information
Stop cable 1500 MM£6.50More Information
Stop cable 1505 MM£6.95More Information
Stop Cable 2130 MM£8.13More Information
Stop Cable 880 MM£8.32More Information
stop Cable with Clamp 1405MM£7.59More Information
Straight hose ( 1 1/2" X 3ft long )£15.60More Information
Straight hose ( 1 1/8" X 3ft long )£10.40More Information
Straight hose ( 1 3/8" X 3ft long )£12.35More Information
Sump Gasket£4.88More Information
sump gasket£3.25More Information
Sump Set Ford 5640-7740£35.10More Information
super major elbow gasket£0.97More Information
super major frount cover gasket£1.30More Information
Super Major Injector Seal£0.72More Information
Super Major Inlet Valve Seal£0.46More Information
Super Major Liner Seal£1.63More Information
Super Major Oil Pump£117.59More Information
super maJor sump gasket£3.58More Information
Super Major Water Pump Pulley£37.05More Information
super timing cover seal£2.60More Information
thermostat Gasket£0.34More Information
timing Cover Gasket£3.77More Information
timing Cover Seal£2.86More Information
trumpet Housing Gasket£1.47More Information
tS80/90/100 Without Air Con fan Belt£10.92More Information
turbo Return Pipe Gasket£1.06More Information
tW 10/15/20/30 And 8210 Water Pump, £89.06More Information
tW 15/20 HYD Lift Cover Gasket£9.98More Information
tW 15/20 Pump Housing Gasket£9.52More Information
tW 15/22 22" fan£129.67More Information
tW 15/25/35 Exhaust Elbow£93.74More Information
tW 15/25/35 turbo£547.94More Information
tw 15/8630 Exhaust£127.38More Information
tW 20 fan£70.30More Information
tW 25/35/8730/8830 Exhaust£228.97More Information
tW 35/8830 turbo£694.97More Information
tW 5/15/25/35 front Manifold£153.98More Information
tW Cooling fan Bearing Assembly£34.45More Information
tW Short Block£5,513.35More Information
tW Sump Gasket£12.38More Information
tW/7810/7910/8210 Head Gasket£121.89More Information
tW/78107910/8210 30's Sump Set£35.74More Information
tW15/25/35 fly Wheel£753.96More Information
Valve Cotter (Ford All Models) QtY12£3.07More Information
Valve Stem Seal (Set Of 4)£5.06More Information
washer for stopper Cable for 4344 & 4112£0.22More Information
Water Pump Ford 56/66/7740 (Side Stud)£180.69More Information
Water Pump Gasket Ford (Inside)£0.82More Information
Water Pump Gasket Ford Dexta /2-5000£1.06More Information
Water Pump tm 120-190 from 06/02 - New type£244.39More Information
Weather Cap 101MM£11.05More Information
Weather Cap 137MM£4.22More Information
Weather Cap 2"£11.05More Information
Weather Cap 57MM£2.92More Information
Weather Cap 57MM£4.83More Information
Weather Cap 66MM£8.45More Information
Weather Cap 70MM£2.76More Information
Weather Cap 70MM£11.05More Information
Weather Cap 76MM£5.20More Information
Weather Cap 82MM£14.95More Information
Weather Cap 83MM£4.00More Information
Weather Cap 89MM£4.55More Information