Fuel System

Below you can select from our range of Fuel System parts.

This includes the following sub items: fuel Lines, fuel taps, fuel tanks, filter housing, injection pumps, lift pumps

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ItemTractor SeriesPriceDetails
1/4" Barrel Olive£0.43Show details
1/4" fuel Hose (10 MtR)£22.75Show details
1/4" fuel Hose (price per metre)£1.49Show details
1/4" fuel line Pipe ( price per metre )£1.95Show details
1/4" fuel pipe joiner£7.61Show details
1/4" Male fuel Line pipe union£0.97Show details
1/4" rubber Olive£0.19Show details
1/4" Steel fuel Pipe (10 ft length)£15.41Show details
2/3/36/3610 fuel tank£87.10Show details
2/3/36/3610 Inj Pipe Set for Bosch Pump (Set Of 3)£19.87Show details
20/35 fuel Assembly Screw£7.46Show details
3/16 Male Heater Plug Pipe£0.99Show details
3/16 Union female Oil Press Pipe£0.99Show details
3/16 Union Male Oil Pressure£0.99Show details
3/16" Barrel Olive£0.36Show details
3/16" fuel Hose (10 MtR)£18.85Show details
3/16" fuel Hose (price per metre)£1.27Show details
3/16" fuel pipe joiner£6.04Show details
3/16" Olive£0.19Show details
3/16" Steel Pipe (25 feet)£13.00Show details
3/8" Barrel Olive£0.58Show details
3/8" fuel Hose (10 MtR)£25.35Show details
3/8" fuel Hose (30 MtR)£2.28Show details
3/8" fuel pipe joiner£19.63Show details
40's fuel Guage for Main fuel tank (With Aux)£89.04Show details
40's fuel Pump Hand Primer£51.93Show details
4000 fuel tank£103.44Show details
5/16"£8.45Show details
5/16" Barrel Olive£0.55Show details
5/16" fuel Hose (10 MtR)£23.40Show details
5/16" fuel Hose (30 MtR)£2.01Show details
5/16" Male fuel Line Nut£0.97Show details
5/16" Nylon Pipe (30 meters)£2.88Show details
5/16" Olive£0.39Show details
5/16" Steel Pipe (25 feet)£14.95Show details
5/6600/6610 fuel tank, £103.99Show details
76/7610/7810 Auxillary tank Unit£21.45Show details
7600/7610 Main tank Unit Q Cab ( 81-11 -> 83-11), £22.09Show details
7635 L's tD's tL's fuel Lift Pump Also fiat 80-90£19.17Show details
7810/8210 (1985 -) Electronic Dash (With Red E Label)£81.24Show details
7810/8210 (1985-) Manual Dash£88.40Show details
9mm Glass Bowl-Bosch£5.85Show details
Aluminium fuel filter Bowl£5.85Show details
Aluminium type filter Bowl£2.86Show details
Blanking Plug Kit for fuel filter£5.20Show details
Cav Glass Bowl£2.28Show details
Deep filter Glass Bowl£3.19Show details
Dual filter Assy£26.00Show details
Duel Imperial U.N.f Head£14.30Show details
Elements Retaining Ring for fuel Steal£7.01Show details
foot Accelerator Control Kit 2000-3610, £27.95Show details
foot Accelerator Control Kit 5000-6600/6610£28.60Show details
Ford 2000 - 7610 fuel Cap, £4.68Show details
Ford 3/5/7000 No.1 Injector Pipe (Simms Pump)£16.90Show details
Ford 40 Auxillary fuel tank Cap (91-98)£56.55Show details
Ford 5/700 No.2£6.29Show details
Ford 5/7000 No.1£6.29Show details
Ford 5/7000 No.3£6.29Show details
Ford 5/7000 No.4£6.29Show details
Ford 5000 fuel Lift Pump£16.44Show details
Ford 5000 Inj Pipe Set for Bosch Pump (Set 4)£21.45Show details
Ford 5000 Inj Pipe Set Simms Pump (Set of 4)£16.09Show details
Ford 66/610 No.3£5.00Show details
Ford 66/6610 No.2£6.20Show details
fORD 66/66110 No.4£5.20Show details
Ford 66/7610 Primary Pump£11.71Show details
Ford 6610 Inj Pipe Set for Sims Pump (Set Of 3)£28.54Show details
Ford 7610 Super Q fuel tank Cap£10.40Show details
Ford Double Sided tubes for Main to Aux fuel tank feed Pipe£12.95Show details
Ford fuel tap£5.46Show details
Ford tap Strainer£1.24Show details
Ford tM 135 - 180 Sender Unit£151.35Show details
Ford tS/tM/M Electric fuel Pump£275.80Show details
Ford tS/tM/M's Seal Kit for Under Pump£7.93Show details
fuel Additive for Diesel Engines 1.9LtR£42.25Show details
fuel Additive for Diesel Engines 19LtR£283.38Show details
fuel filter Ass Aluminium Bowl£17.54Show details
fuel filter Assembly Ford 40 C/O Hand Primer£65.00Show details
fuel filter Blanking Plug£2.60Show details
fuel filter Bleed Screw (No.5)£0.52Show details
fuel filter Ford tS/tM/M (New type)£15.21Show details
fuel filter Glass Bowl Ford All Models£10.34Show details
fuel filter Head & Base£14.21Show details
fuel filter Head Banjo Bolt£1.76Show details
fuel filter Head Blanking Plug All Models£1.17Show details
fuel filter Head Ford tS/tM/M (New type)£12.22Show details
fuel filter Imperial Head£6.83Show details
fuel filter Pump Loom (New type)£10.35Show details
fuel filter Stud Assy (No.3)£4.55Show details
fuel Guage Ford for Aux fuel tank£87.09Show details
fuel Injector Additive (235 ML)£6.27Show details
fuel Injector Additive (470ML)£10.59Show details
fuel left Pump Ford 60 M tm110 - 140 Electronic, £208.00Show details
fuel Lift Pump Dextra£15.60Show details
fuel Line Sediment Bowl£11.70Show details
fuel Strainer (Input/Output 1/2" UNf) (L - Right to Left flow)£12.78Show details
fuel strainer (Input/Output 1/2" UNf) (R - Left to Right flow)£12.78Show details
fuel Strainer (input/Output 1/2" UNf) (R - Left to Right flow)£12.78Show details
fuel Strainer (Input/Output 1/4")£19.50Show details
fuel tap Brass 2/3/4/5/7000£7.15Show details
Gasket Ford for Guages£2.04Show details
Glass Bowl for Lift Pump Fordson Major£3.45Show details
Hand Primer for Bosch type fuel Pump M16 X 1.5£7.15Show details
Hand Primer for Lucas type filter M23 X 1£14.21Show details
Hand Primer for Z type fuel Pump M25 X 1.5£6.63Show details
Imperial (U.N.f) Head£6.50Show details
Injector Pump Buffer Major / Super Major£5.01Show details
Large Bleed Screw£1.63Show details
Leak Off Pipe Ford 40's£87.29Show details
Main tank (83-12 -> 85-04) AP Cab Only£71.50Show details
Major Leak Off Pipe£15.62Show details
Major Lift Pump£24.05Show details
Pipe - filter to Injector Pump Fordson Major£7.80Show details
Rubber Gasket for Glass Bowl£0.46Show details
Ruber Ring (No.1)£0.17Show details
Single fuel filter Assy£17.54Show details
Small Bleed Screw£1.49Show details
Super Major fuel Lift Pump£23.40Show details
Super Major fuel tank Cap£3.70Show details
Super Major Injector pipe Set£19.50Show details
tW / 8210 Sender Unit (Super Q Cab 1987 -), £124.25Show details
tW5/10/15/20 Sender Unit£15.56Show details
twin fuel filter (Input/Output 1/2" UNf - M20)£34.47Show details
twin fuel filter (Input/Output M14 X 1.5)£35.52Show details
Washer for Bleed Assy (No.4)£0.15Show details
Washer Under Glassy Bowl (no.2)£0.46Show details