Electrical & Lighting

Below you can select from our range of Electrical and lighting parts.

This includes the following items; Electrical parts, lighting, switches and sensors, plugs and sockets, starter motors

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ItemTractor SeriesPriceDetails
10-30V Xenon Magnetic Beacon (Lucas type)£51.35Show details
10-30V Xenon Single Bolt Beacon (Lucas type)£39.00Show details
10's RH head light Cowl ( 2610 - 7810 )£9.75Show details
10's/30's & tW Series Voltage Regulator, , £117.49Show details
10'series LH front head light Cowl ( 2610 - 7810 )£9.75Show details
12/24V 100W Isolation Switch Open Relay£9.84Show details
12V flat front Marker Lamp£11.71Show details
12V flat Rear Marker Lamp£11.98Show details
12V flexi Stem Beacon (Lucas type)£36.40Show details
12V Large Ignition Light (17MM Hole)£10.27Show details
12V Magnestic Beacon C/O Bulb (Lucas type)£28.60Show details
12V normally Open Relay£2.60Show details
12V Plough Lamp£15.00Show details
12V Red Warning Light (13MM Hole)£0.91Show details
12V Single Bolt Beacon (Lucas type)£26.00Show details
12V tapered Rear Marker Lamp£11.98Show details
12V tepered front Marker Lamp£9.75Show details
3 Bolt fix Xenon Beacon (10-30V) Lucas type)£54.60Show details
32AMP Alternator£44.14Show details
36-6610 Stop Lamp Switch£6.18Show details
4 Way Rotary Light Switch£13.95Show details
4" Seal Beam£13.65Show details
40 Series tail Lamp£97.50Show details
40's 4WD Solenoid Switch£281.76Show details
40's 5gnition Switch£76.05Show details
5 2/4" Seal Beam£16.25Show details
5000 wiring loom£31.19Show details
60/M/tM's Head Lamp, £249.60Show details
600's temp Sender£3.90Show details
7610 Battery Sensor£35.52Show details
7610 Starter (Magnetti Marelli/Denso)£218.15Show details
7740 flasher Unit£41.60Show details
8210 90 Amp Alternator£181.34Show details
8210/tW's flasher (6 terminal), £23.73Show details
8340 SLE 4WD Solenoid Valve£352.30Show details
ADJ Beacon Bracket£8.80Show details
Alternative lens to fit 41167£7.22Show details
Alternator 66-7610 (Not Super Q)£123.50Show details
alternator Ford tm 120-190 (120 amp)£219.69Show details
Ammeter Fordson Major£16.25Show details
Angle Drive for Dynamo - Ford£12.02Show details
Angle Drive Major£26.00Show details
battery cover lucas£63.04Show details
Beacon (Single Bolt) 12/24V (Lucas type)£26.00Show details
Beacon Bracket£6.95Show details
Beacon Bracket£6.43Show details
beacon Bracket£7.74Show details
Beacon Bracket£14.63Show details
Beacon Bracket£7.74Show details
Beacon Bracket Adaptor£3.90Show details
Beacon fixing Bracket£3.01Show details
Beacon Kit (19 Items In Kit)£741.00Show details
Beacon Plug£6.40Show details
Black H/Lamp LH (Plain Lens)£11.71Show details
Black H/Lamp RH (Plain Lens)£11.71Show details
Black HD Lamp/ H4 P45t Bulb (No Grill) (With Park Bulb)£10.01Show details
Black HD Lamp/ H4 P45t Bulb (With Grill) (With Park Bulb)£10.01Show details
Black Head Lamp Small£9.04Show details
Black Number Plate Lamp£4.55Show details
Black Plastic Number Plate Lamp (104MM)£7.13Show details
Blue Indicator Lamp£4.88Show details
Bracket for Work Lamp 4249 & 4250£7.85Show details
Cab Work Lamp H3 Single Mounted£12.13Show details
Chrome Number Plate Lamp£4.16Show details
Chrome Plated number Plate Lamp (82MM)£6.68Show details
Compact Xenon 3 Point fix Beacon (Lucas type)£26.00Show details
Dash Mounted Amber Warning Lamp£1.88Show details
Dash Mounted Blue Warning Light£1.88Show details
Deta/Super Dexta Rev Clock (Ac type)£26.00Show details
Dexta Heater Plug£17.54Show details
Dexta Rev Counter Cable£13.80Show details
Dexta temperature Guage£15.41Show details
Double Sided Signal Lamp£28.60Show details
Dust Cover for Starter Switch tEf/Major£6.70Show details
dynamo Ford c/o tacho 22amp (open type)£43.83Show details
Dynamo With tacho£240.50Show details
Dynamo With tacho£49.39Show details
flexi Xenon Beacon (10-30V) (Lucas type)£52.00Show details
Ford 10's Ignetion Switch£12.02Show details
Ford 1000's Indicator Switch£6.50Show details
Ford 1000/600 GearBox Safety Switch Harness£5.67Show details
Ford 11 amp regulator£15.60Show details
Ford 2/3/4000 wiring loom£44.84Show details
Ford 26/36/46/56/76 Dash£162.48Show details
Ford 3/3600/3610 Starter Safety Switch, £6.36Show details
Ford 40 tM tS90-115 Rear Lamp, £45.45Show details
Ford 40 tm tS90-115 Rear Lamp (Start Year 95), £49.20Show details
Ford 40 tS 90-100 Lamp On front Of Rear mudguard, £53.30Show details
Ford 40's Head Lamp£13.65Show details
Ford 40's Horn£18.08Show details
Ford 40's Rear Work Lamp£56.16Show details
Ford 4610-7610 Blue Side Lamp£24.05Show details
Ford 4WD Dump Valve Solenoid (New type) Diff Lock Solenoid£175.56Show details
Ford 5000 LH Rear Lens£5.18Show details
Ford 5000 RH Rear Lens£5.18Show details
Ford 6710-7710 White Side Lamp£19.90Show details
Ford 7840 Alternator£166.39Show details
Ford 7840 Starter£139.10Show details
Ford Angle Drive for Dynamo£0.00Show details
Ford AP 7 Q Cab LH & RH Rear Lamp Pair£24.70Show details
Ford front IND: Parking Lamp£7.68Show details
Ford Head Lamp Unit (C/O 4 Screws & 4 Springs)£8.95Show details
Ford Ignetion Switch£6.50Show details
Ford LH front Lamp - Super Q Cab£29.90Show details
Ford LH front Lamp AP Cab£64.02Show details
Ford Light Switch (4 Way)£9.36Show details
Ford Lp Heater Blower Unit£293.20Show details
Ford M50 Solenoid Switch£45.50Show details
Ford RH front Lamp - Super Q Cab£28.60Show details
Ford RH front Lamp Ap Cab£62.16Show details
Ford Super Q Alternator C/O Pulley£117.23Show details
Ford Super Q Rear Work Lamp£44.99Show details
ford tractor 40 series aerial£6.50Show details
Ford/Case/J.Deere temperature Sender£18.20Show details
Fordson 8n (1948- 50) 6 volt regulator£42.08Show details
Fordson 8N (Late Model) Distibutor Cap£5.89Show details
Fordson Dexta LH Butler Lamp C/O Bracket£33.49Show details
Fordson Dexta RH Butler Lamp C/O Bracket£33.49Show details
Fordson dexta wiring loom£29.25Show details
Fordson major wiring loom£46.80Show details
Fordson N's 6 Volt Coil 2N/8N/9N£9.95Show details
Fordson N's 6 Volt Coil 2N/8N/9N£29.27Show details
Fordson N's Distrubutor Cap 2N/8N/9N (front Mounted Distubator)£12.32Show details
Fordson N's Oil Pressure Guage (50 POUND) 2N/8N/9N£7.54Show details
Fordson N's tune Up Kit 2N/8N/9N£12.17Show details
Fordson super dexta wiring loom£28.63Show details
Fordson super/power major wiring loom£39.00Show details
Fordson tune Up Kit (Side Mounted Distribuator)£18.00Show details
front Lens for 4149/4150£6.22Show details
gear box safety switch Ford 3/3600/3610, £7.41Show details
Green Warning Lamp£2.61Show details
H Lamp BLK V/MtG Plain Lens BPf 40/45W£9.75Show details
H Lamp Blue V/MtG Plain Lens BPf 40/45W£11.05Show details
HD Isolation Switch 24V 2500 AMP ( Complete With Chain)£13.65Show details
HD Isolator Switch (Plastic)£8.45Show details
Head Lamp Large Rectangle C/O H4 Bulb£13.00Show details
Head Lamp Screw Kit for Ford Lamp 46/66/76£2.37Show details
Head Light panel 40 series (Bezel)£78.93Show details
Interior Lamp (A= 116MM B=50MM)£4.12Show details
Interior Lamp (A=200MM B=70MM)£13.98Show details
JD Beacon Bracket£14.20Show details
Key for 403977 Ignetion Switch£3.25Show details
Key Super Major£2.34Show details
L/tL/35's Head Lamp£50.70Show details
Lamp to fit Major Mudguard£29.25Show details
Large Black Number Plate Lamp£9.58Show details
Lens for 4200 ( rear lamp ford q cab )£3.65Show details
Lens for 4298 & 4299£6.43Show details
Lens Kit for 51320/51321£8.53Show details
Lens With tractor Logo£5.85Show details
LH front Lamp£7.53Show details
LH Head Lamp£11.70Show details
LH Head Lamp Blue BPf 45/40W Lens With tractor Logo£15.41Show details
LH Head Lamp/light Kit£22.75Show details
LH Side Mounted Work Lamp£15.41Show details
Licence Plate Lamp (112MM)£3.39Show details
Licence Plate Lamp (82MM)£4.51Show details
Licence Plate Lamp (87MM)£2.60Show details
Light Switch Fordson (Key Hole (All Steel)£18.85Show details
Lighting Position Switch Major - No Keyhole (All Steel)£13.65Show details
Lighting Position Switch Major - With Keyhole£7.68Show details
Lighting Position Switch Major - With Keyhole (All Steel)£14.30Show details
Lucas Cut Of Switch£12.35Show details
Lucas flexi Stem Beacon 12/24V (Less Bulb)£34.45Show details
Lucas Magnetic Beacon 12V/24V (Less Bulb)£38.87Show details
Magnestic Xenon Beacon (10-30V) (Lucas type)£52.00Show details
Mini Xenon Beacon 12/80V£35.68Show details
New type Heater Plug (Push On)£7.15Show details
Oil Pressure Fordson Major£16.25Show details
Power/Super Major Rev Clock (Smith type)£21.45Show details
Rear Lamp & 2 Pin 2 Socket to Suit Major£32.50Show details
Red Indicator LED Chrome Housing£1.58Show details
Red Warning lamp Dash Mounted£1.88Show details
Rev Counter Cable Ford 5000 58" Long£12.35Show details
RH front Lamp£7.53Show details
RH Head Lamp Blue BPf 45/40W Lens With tractor Logo£13.65Show details
RH Head Lamp Kit£22.75Show details
RH Side Mounted Work Lamp£15.41Show details
Rotating Beacon Bar 12/24V (Lucas type)£103.99Show details
Side Marker Lamp Ford 2-7600 front LH£13.65Show details
Side Marker Lamp Ford 2-7600 front RH£13.65Show details
Single Bolt Xenon Beacon (10-30V) (Lucas type)£58.49Show details
Small Number Plate lamp£5.20Show details
Small Rubber Body Work Lamp£10.73Show details
Starter & Alternator Package ( See Notes)£965.44Show details
starter 20 tVO 12v£68.90Show details
Starter Ford tS/tM/M/60's/40's, £0.00Show details
starter m50 Ford 200-8210 (rm fit)£104.00Show details
starter solenoid switch for 1940£21.12Show details
Strarter Boot Seal Dexta£2.60Show details
Super Major Oil & temp Guage£29.12Show details
Super Major Speedo Cable (20x14MM) 58" Long£6.43Show details
Super Major Speedo Cable (50" Long)£6.43Show details
Super Major Speedo Cable 14x14MM£12.35Show details
Super Q LH Rear Lamp£29.25Show details
Super Q RH Rear Lamp£29.25Show details
Switch Ford Heat Start£8.97Show details
Switched Grey Plough Lamp C/W H3£12.35Show details
Switched White Plough Lamp C/W H3£12.35Show details
tachometer (Dash Panel) Ford 3610/4610/6610£170.46Show details
tachometer Gasket£4.07Show details
tail lamp to Suit Major£42.90Show details
temperature Guage Fordson Major£16.25Show details
temperature guage Major - White face£31.19Show details
temperature Sender Assembly Ford 2-7000£5.01Show details
VM Head Lamp Blue BPf 40/45W Lens With tractor Logo£13.65Show details
VM Head Lamp Chrome Rim Blue BPf 40/45W Lens With tractor Logo£13.00Show details
VM Head Lamp Chrome Rim Grey BPf 45/40W Lens With tractor Logo£13.00Show details
Voltage Regulator for Major 12V£27.30Show details
voltage regulator Ford 22amp£19.50Show details
White Plate Lamp£12.25Show details
Work Lamp Ford Q Cab C/O Grill No Switch£14.74Show details
Work Lamp H3 12V£11.71Show details
Work Lamp round (With Handle)£9.10Show details
Xenon 12/24V 21W High Power Mini Light Bar£169.00Show details
Yellow & Red Lens for 1759£5.20Show details