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This includes the following items; Filter kits, water, fuel and air filters, hydraulic filters, cab filters, engine filters

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ItemTractor SeriesPriceDetails
2/3000 filter Assy (Oil Bath type)£24.05Show details
40' ts's power steering filter, sle/sl (91-), £21.26Show details
40's fuel filter£6.20Show details
40's tm's, ts's, 60's, m's, main hydralic filter (91-), £36.40Show details
40's, ts's dual power hydralic filter- sl only, £48.75Show details
40's/60's/M's/tM's/tS's Engine Oil filter, £7.55Show details
40‰Ûªs, 8160, 8260, 8360, m‰Ûªs, tm‰Ûªs, ts‰Ûªs main hyd filter sle only, £47.45Show details
41278 - Ford 60‰Ûªs filter kit (meChaniCal fuel pump)£201.49Show details
5000 Air filter Assy (Oil Bath type)£26.00Show details
5000/6600 Pre Cleaner Unit (2 1/2" Bore)£11.05Show details
6610 Breather Hose£7.47Show details
6635/tL70/80/90/100/f's Inner Air filter£17.54Show details
6635/tL70/80/90/100/f's Inner Air filter£41.60Show details
7000/7600 pre Cleaner Glass£7.65Show details
76/7610 Air filter Ass£68.96Show details
7600 Pre Cleaner Assembly£45.50Show details
7610 engine mounted hydralic filter£9.90Show details
7840/8340 turbo Air Cleaner Hose£35.52Show details
83-8560 tM 110-165 filter Ass£363.98Show details
8360/600's fuel filter assembly£15.80Show details
Air filter Case JX85-65 NH L60-75£35.74Show details
Air filter fiat 82/94/88/94's Inner£19.30Show details
Air filter fiat 82/94/88/94's Outer£23.40Show details
Air filter Inner tM175/190£0.00Show details
Air filter Outer tM 175/190£0.00Show details
Centerifugal Precleaner 2 3/4"£78.88Show details
Centerifugal Precleaner 3 3/4"£97.59Show details
Centerifugal Precleaner 4 1/2"£101.32Show details
D & cargo fram oil filter£9.04Show details
filter kit Ford m135/m160 eleCtroniC lift pum£221.00Show details
filter kit Ford m135/m160 meChaniCal lift pum£214.49Show details
filter kit Ford tm115£220.99Show details
filter kit Ford tm115 eleCtroniC & tm150£201.50Show details
filter kit Ford tm120£227.50Show details
filter kit Ford tm125£220.99Show details
filter kit Ford tm130 tm140£233.98Show details
filter kit Ford tm135 tm150£195.00Show details
filter kit Ford tm165£194.98Show details
filter kit Ford ts100/110a£318.47Show details
filter kit Ford ts115/125/135a£234.00Show details
filter kit Ford ts80£110.49Show details
filter kit Ford ts90/100/110/115£220.99Show details
filter large double in line type£7.47Show details
Ford 2/3/4/5/6600£5.11Show details
Ford 2/7000 paper oil filter£5.85Show details
Ford 2/7000 paper oil filter£2.60Show details
Ford 4/5000 fleetguard Oil filter£5.20Show details
Ford 4/5000 Oil filter Perkins£4.55Show details
Ford 40's Air Breather Pipe£37.31Show details
Ford 40's Outer Air filter (3/96 - )£33.68Show details
Ford 40's turbo Air filter Assembly Complete£261.95Show details
Ford 40‰Ûªs sl filter kit£136.51Show details
Ford 40‰Ûªs sle filter kit£143.00Show details
Ford 46/6600 Engine Oil filter£4.81Show details
Ford 4600 Inter Air filter£9.18Show details
Ford 4600 Outer Air filter£16.59Show details
Ford 5/6600 Inter Air filter£10.75Show details
Ford 5/6600 Outer Air filter£14.75Show details
Ford 550 hydrauliC filter£40.16Show details
Ford 555/655 hydrauliC filter£96.59Show details
Ford 60's m/tm fiat f series hydralic filter£33.22Show details
Ford 60's/tM Inner Air filter£55.90Show details
Ford 60's/tM Inner Air filter£0.00Show details
Ford 60's/tM Outer Air filter£38.52Show details
Ford 60's/tM Outer Air filter£115.91Show details
Ford 60‰Ûªs filter kit (eleCtriCal fuel pump)£227.49Show details
Ford 6635 hydrauliC filter£45.17Show details
Ford 7000/7600 perkins Oil filter£5.40Show details
Ford 76/8600 Inter Air filter£12.96Show details
Ford 76/8600 Outer Air filter£23.44Show details
Ford 7610 Engine Oil filter£9.58Show details
Ford 7610 filter kit£71.50Show details
Ford 7810-8210 filter kit£97.50Show details
Ford 7840/8240/8340 turbo Inner Air filter£13.73Show details
Ford 7840/8240/8340 turbo Outer Air filter£29.45Show details
Ford 8360 fuel filter eleCtype 4.3‰Û high 30 miCron£33.34Show details
Ford 8360 fuel filter eleCtype 4.3‰Û high 30 miCron£18.53Show details
Ford 8360 primary fuel filter 4.3‰Û high 150 miCron£23.85Show details
Ford 8360 primary fuel filter 4.3‰Û high 150 miCron£15.86Show details
Ford 8360/tm's/m's secondary fuel filter, £28.60Show details
Ford 8360/tm's/m's secondary fuel filter, £20.80Show details
Ford 8630 transmission filter£35.95Show details
Ford coolant filter£12.44Show details
Ford coolant filter£11.89Show details
Ford county 1004/1124 oil filter£5.40Show details
Ford fuel filter£1.31Show details
Ford fuel filter old style serigraphy£1.58Show details
Ford genuine hydralic filter£8.58Show details
Ford long filter£3.56Show details
Ford m100/m115 filter kit (eleCtoniC lift pump)£208.00Show details
Ford m100/m115 filter kit (meChaniCal lift pump)£201.47Show details
Ford maJor fuel filter£2.60Show details
Ford tl/ ts100a-ts135a oil filter£19.50Show details
Ford ts fuel filter£34.00Show details
Ford ts fuel filter£21.45Show details
Ford ts/tm/m filter assy C/w pump£350.99Show details
Ford tS100A/tS110A Inner Air filter£46.87Show details
Ford tS100A/tS110A Outer Air filter£90.34Show details
Ford tS115A/tS125A/tS135A Inner Air filter£11.40Show details
Ford tS115A/tS125A/tS135A Outer Air filter£31.09Show details
Ford tS90/100/110 Inner Air filter£0.00Show details
Ford tS90/100/110 Outer Air filter£59.15Show details
Ford tW Engine Oil filter£26.64Show details
Ford tw large hydrallic oil filter£30.55Show details
Ford tw small hydrallic filter£14.23Show details
Ford tw25/30 filter kit£253.49Show details
Ford tW25/30/35 Inter Air filter£68.18Show details
Ford tW25/30/35 Outer Air filter£107.96Show details
Ford tw5/10/15/20 filter kit£208.00Show details
Fords 40's Inter Air filter (3/96 - )£13.00Show details
Fordson 2n/8n/9n oil filter£7.23Show details
fuel filter Ass C/O Long filter£22.70Show details
fuel filter Ford tm120-tm190 (5 miCron)£21.12Show details
fuel filter Ford tsa 110-135£22.09Show details
fuel filter inline diesel£3.25Show details
fuel seperator 3000's/Ford£19.17Show details
Glass Bowl 6"£2.54Show details
inline filter guaze type£2.99Show details
major hydralic filter£3.38Show details
Plastic (A = 101.20MM) (B = 250.00MM)£24.69Show details
Plastic (A = 106.00) (B = 250.00MM)£22.75Show details
Plastic (A = 51.20MM) (B = 133.00MM)£7.68Show details
Plastic (A = 52.20MM) (B = 152.00MM)£12.41Show details
Plastic (A = 60.20MM) (B = 152.00MM)£13.59Show details
Plastic (A = 65.70MM) (B = 152.00MM)£10.07Show details
Plastic (A = 70.20MM) (B = 186.00M)£11.56Show details
Plastic (A = 76.20MM) )B = 250.00MM)£10.40Show details
Steel (A = 110.00MM) (B = 250.00MM)£17.14Show details
Steel (A = 115.00MM) (B = 250.00MM)£24.82Show details
Steel (A = 153.00) (B = 405.00MM)£16.13Show details
Steel (A = 179.20MM (B = 250.00MM)£43.41Show details
Steel (A = 51.20MM) (B = 111.00MM)£21.45Show details
Steel (A = 63.70MM) (B = 133.00MM)£17.51Show details
Steel (A = 76.20MM) (B = 172.00MM)£23.62Show details
Steel (A = 85.20MM) (B = 152.00MM)£11.38Show details
Steel rain cap (pre cleaner 154.2mm)£30.22Show details
super major hydralic filter£7.46Show details
tm/ts100a-ts135a hydrauliC filter£58.49Show details
tm/ts100a-ts135a hydrauliC filter£84.49Show details
tm/ts100a-ts135a hydrauliC filter£65.00Show details
tm120/130/140/155/175/190 fuel filter£38.35Show details
ts110a/ts125a/ts135a fuel filter£28.27Show details
tW 5,15,25,35 8530/8630/8730/8830 main hyd oil filter£34.45Show details
tw 5/10/15/20 Outer Air filter£56.36Show details
tW30/35/tR96 Engine Oil filter (2 Per tractor)£10.88Show details
tW30/35/tR96 Engine Oil filter (2 Per tractor)£18.59Show details
tW5/10/15/20 Inter Air filter£32.50Show details
water seperator Ford tm120-tm190 (30 micron)£22.09Show details